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6 Dropbox Hidden Functions What You Need To Know

6 Dropbox Hidden Functions What You Need To Know

Dropbox is the top cloud storage and synchronization application, It is fairly simple and lack of sophisticated features. Among the several competitors, Dropbox seems to take the lead in cloud storage competition. Because it is offered in the simple interface, very easy to its user to get it used. You just need to have put your files in it and files will appear on any device where you have your Dropbox account access.

When accessing the internet files, you be able to access office files from anywhere at any time. The Dropbox is very simple, you have hidden additional Features which will interest you.

Online backup services

There is a Dropbox Pro feature that saves all the history of your files forever. It does not reach it matter if you have files deleted or not. Files you will forever register as long as you have a pro account. Pro account worth $ 39, it worth really good services.

This function itself from Dropbox is an online storage and online backup service. Backup services made available the guarantees that your data files remain online forever. All file formats are supported including there’s the latest version of the file will be saved. It is the most precious cloud storage application for an individual and for a small business owner. This backup service is easier and cheaper among the other online backup services.

Synchronize browser settings

Dropbox Makes you the synchronizer of the possibility your browser settings on several computers. This function is great and indeed classified as a secret feature, plus sub-use Dropbox. You need a portable web browser like portable Firefox for making it possible, that which will allow you to synchronize your bookmarks, extensions and even save passwords through the home and work of various computers. Everything you need to do is in the store the Portable Firefox in your Dropbox account. Portable applications are also available for the other browsers. You will never feel distracted for switching between several computers.

Photo Galleries

Despite the massive use of social networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc. photo sharing, in many cases we can not send (or do not want to send) to these platforms some images, on the other hand, we want to share with others. Dropbox lets you create image galleries very easily . There you go to the folder where the photos (which must be within folders Dropbox) and, as described in the previous section, right click> Share link to Dropbox and paste the generated address in an email, etc. The recipient will see a photo gallery without complications.

Check the event log (Security)

All events that are related to the dropbox or its contents are reflected in a record, providing a timeline of everything that happened from the beginning of time and can be found at this link (login required).

It is especially interesting when you want, for example, to check who changed (or deleted) a certain file in the case of shared folders.

Mark files as favorites for offline consultation

On the computer, Dropbox always keeps all files , and when there are changes, synchronize with your cloud. When you access the different folders from the Smartphone or tablet, you need to have the internet to download and display. If we want some of them are available even without 3G or Wifi network, no more than mark them as favorites by activating the star. They are downloaded to the terminal and will be stored there for consultation despite being totally disconnected from the Internet (eg while flying on a plane). In the settings of the app, you can set how much space a maximum mobile or tablet dedicated to these data (set cache).

Check and revoke access to applications with permission to access the dropbox

There are applications (especially for smartphones and tablets) that can be integrated with dropbox to work with files stored exactly as if they were stored in the local memory of the device. To access the dropbox is necessary to granted the corresponding permissions.

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