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6 Tips for Using Your Make-up to the Last Drop

6 Tips for Using Your Make-up to the Last Drop

Beauty products are so expensive that it does not mean wasting a single drop. In other words, we want to use our beauty products till they are at ending drop. That is why we looked you for tips, tricks to make the most use of your cosmetics. It is a practical and effective thing to save money while you are using make-up!

So, let’s discover our anti-waste solutions!

1. An Almost Finished Foundation

Always try to buy foundations with a soft plastic packaging (as an ointment or a tube of toothpaste). This is the only type of tube that allows you to consume the product to the end. When you are no longer able to extract the material, wash the tube, get a clean empty jar, rinse your hands and cut the plastic. Scrape with a spoon all the product contents inside and then store it then in the empty pot. Try not to handle the foundation to avoid wasting it.

And here you have enough product for the wait time to buy a new bottle.

2.A Dry Mascara

When applying mascara, avoid air to enter the tube. This is what usually happens when you get back out and brush repeatedly or when you leave the bottle open too long. If it becomes too compact cosmetic and difficult to apply, two solutions available to you. You can either:

  • Place the tube in a glass of warm water before using.
  • Add saline eye drops inside the bottle to loosen the cosmetic.
  • Make sure previously that the cosmetic product has not expired.

    3.A Broken Eye Shadow

While you put away your makeup, a brush slipped your hands and ended up into a thousand pieces on the floor! Remembering its price, you begin to rail against this awkwardness. Stop immediately. There is a convenient way to breathe new life into your blush!

For starters, collect the broken pieces and then replace them in the housing. This done, take your courage in both hands and then reduce any blush to smithereens. Go frankly for a fine, homogeneous powder. When you have finished, press with the back of a teaspoon for compact and smooth the surface and spray with minimum 70% alcohol. Let dry for two full days before using the cosmetic again.

4.Already Used Artificial Eyelashes

Girls creaky for such products perfectly understand: it is almost impossible to re false eyelashes. Indeed, glue and mascara are quite hard to remove.

To start, get rid of mascara residue using a micellar water and a piece of cotton. To remove the glue, use a brush and minimum 70% alcohol (rubbing Alcohol). This will allow you to easily clean your eyelashes. You just have to soak the brush and “scratching” Carefully glue clusters to see come off.

 5.An Unusable Palette

As said makeup has not expired, you should take advantage until the end. Sometimes it happens that a hard film covers the surface of a pallet, a blush or eyeshadow. This is due to the repeated use of uncleaned brushes. Sebum your skin is deposited on the hair brushes and then lands on your palette. This fat will keep you at some point to collect the powder.

To get rid of, you can either scrape erode this thin layer, or use tape. Take one piece that you’ll stick to the powder. Wait five seconds then firmly tear. Go in spurts for efficiency.


Do you know that scents also have an expiration date? Yes, not to have allergic reactions, empty your bottles within the limits of the allotted time. To prevent the composition of the perfume “turns” put these cosmetics away from light and high temperatures. Some even advise to keep them in the refrigerator. Ingenious and funny, is not it?

By sorting, if you come across an old perfume, use it to flavor a bouquet of artificial flowers, your wardrobe, and your sheets.


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