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Basic Elements to Design an Online Store

Basic Elements to Design an Online Store

An e-commerce needs to have a good design to succeed. There is no point having created an online marketing campaign of large amount money, if once users click on your web encounter a disastrous design and are unable to find your products.

An online store design-oriented users will inspire confidence and your customers will want to return again and again to buy in your store.

Here we discuss some of the basic elements to design an online store that you must implement in your website if you want to attract more customers.

1. The Key to Success Is Good Content

Achieving success requires hard work and effort, and most of that effort you put into creating content. About 15 years ago, have a static site with little content was enough. But with the competition that exists today in the online world, this is no longer an option. You need to create optimized for search engines content.

The content helps build brand awareness, causes actions on social networks and improves your online visibility.

2.The Design Should Be Consistent and Good Usability

Once you have chosen the theme or template for your design your online store, you must deploy it throughout your website. If you mix and combine designs, you confuse users. Navigation, content and design of the web must fit to create a good user experience.

Colors play an important role in the mood of the user. You must select a color scheme that represents the message you want to convey your brand and that suits the type of audience you want to reach. In this post, we show you how you can choose the right colors for your online store.

3.The Structure of the Web Must Be Compatible With the Design

The structure is the basis for designing an online store. The design of your store can attract visitors but will not help if they cannot find what they are looking for. You must decide early in the design process the number of pages you want, how you will link to each other, and what graphics and icons you include.

One of the most important aspects of the structure is the site navigation; it should be intuitive for users to find information quickly. Remember that most users are looking for products to buy, and do not want to spend long minutes without finding what they need. Anticipate what users may be looking for and commensurate with an easy path to follow.

4.Include Calls to Action (CTA)

If you analyze any successful online store you will see that CTA includes effective but nothing aggressive. These buttons tell the user exactly what to do to buy the product. Add to Cart, Buy Now calls to action that tells the user that if they click on the button will get the product.

The CTAs can include more parts of your website, not only must be used to the product pages. You can create a landing page for a particular sales campaign or also create pop -up windows for users to subscribe to your newsletter.

5.Do Not Forget To Optimize the Payment Process

You must constantly monitor and analyze the process of paying your e-commerce and get the most feedback from users.

Like the design, usability is the key in this step. Try asking for the minimum personal information to your users and make it easy. In this post we indicate you then you can see the most common payment gateways that you can implement in your online store:

6.Make Responsive

Mobile traffic now represents 50% of the total traffic of e-commerce. Buyers prefer the availability and convenience provided by its smartphones versus tablets and desktop computers. If the design of your online store is not optimized for mobile devices you will be losing potential customers.

Even with the smaller screen size, your website should be easy to use and access all menus, images, and content.

By incorporating these basic design elements we are sure that you will increase the confidence of users and consequently also your sales.

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