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Check Your SEO Working Properly for Ranking: Google Analytics

Check Your SEO Working Properly for Ranking: Google Analytics

Google Analytics a free tool that you simply will use to track info regarding the users to your web site act with it.

During a Search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, you’ll have to use Google Analytics to trace the performance of your keywords so as to own a undefeated campaign. you can get knowledge abundant traffic every of the keyword brings to your web site. Google Analytics can open up a world of data you most likely ne’er knew concerning user on your web site.

1) Check overall organic traffic:


This can simply be done exploitation the date comparison tool Google Analytics. In your organization could also be  to seeing reports that includes info regarding individual keywords, however they’re going to quickly chuck keywords if you’ll show them that you simply have grownup organic search traffic by 2 hundredth year over year. The memory of keywords are utterly erased from their mind once they see the revenue growth of a hundred and fiftieth year over year!

To find the traffic that’s coming directly from the search engines, you’ll ought to go elsewhere. If you move to Acquisition > All Traffic, you’ll see an inventory of sources wherever your traffic comes from. Usually, the traffic from search engines (more specifically, Google) is somewhere to be found within the prime three.

If you would like a read that’s a trifle a lot of precise, you’ll click the pie-chart icon to examine precise numbers and percentages of the full.

2) Use landing pages as a secondary dimension

If you are accustomed to looking at the organic keywords report in GA, or if your (not provided) count is still providing valuable data, then you may want to view the landing page as a secondary dimension within this report. This can be easily done by choosing landing page as a secondary dimension within the keyword report.

Landing Pages Analytics

Landing Page of site

3) Mobile Traffic

If you visit Audience> Mobile > summary, you’ll get a data set that shows you the way many user coming into your website employing a desktop, a Mobile or a tablet. Once again, click on the chart icon to induce an honest read of what number mobile guests you have got. If that’s over 10%, you ought to undoubtedly ensure your web site is wealthy on a Mobile phone.

Device Overview Analytics

4) Bounce Rate Increase or Decrease

If you click on Behavior > website Content > Landing Pages, you’ll get a listing of pages through which individuals enter your website. These square measure vital pages, as a result of they’re the first thing your user can see. a crucial metric on this screen is that the ‘Bounce Rate’. This metric provides you the share of individuals that left your product page while not having done something on it page. And since Google really appearance at your bounce rate too, it’s important your SEO.

Bounce Rate Analytics

To get an honest plan of that which pages have a high bounce rate, click the Comparison icon. within the last column, choose bounce rate. this may provide the bounce rate compared to the location average for all of your pages starting from the most visited page. Any page that includes a red bar is below your site’s average bounce rate. anyplace between 0-10% within the red is largely fine, however something on top of 20-30% ought to positively be pages you check up on. particularly for pages within the high ten.

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