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Cool Features of Google Hangouts You Did Not Know

Cool Features of Google Hangouts You Did Not Know

Google tells us now that the call quality will be optimized soon on Google Hangouts. The update would help improve the quality of voice calls as video. It will be possible to make calls by making use of a peer-to-peer connection. The conditions to allow this connection are not yet well known, but it turns out that only those who use the latest version of Android can benefit from this new option .

While mobile is certainly what the Google developers have in mind for the future Hangout, do not overlook some cool things you can do in the current release. See our list of unknown finds. There are certainly some cool features you did not know.

1) Draw a Doodle

Do you Snapchat? One of the features that people enjoy with this service is the ability to scribble humorous Doodle; rather fun, right? Well, you can do the same in Hangouts, even if this function is curiously hidden …

For a Hangout Doodle, place your mouse over the image icon (the small mountain scene in the lower right corner of the chat window) and it will display an icon of pencil directly to his left. (A complicated option to find, right?) Click the pencil icon and a workspace opens, you can use to “draw” pictures online. You can choose a number of pencil sizes, shapes, colors, etc.

Click “Send” and the doodle will appear in the main message window. Then, all participating in the Hangout chat will be able to “change” the image by placing the mouse over the image to view a small pencil icon in the upper right corner. Each change created a new image that will be displayed below the previous. You can have a doodle conversation in which each new addition will be saved in the window of the main message.

2) Express yourself with Emoji

Why choose to put it in words, when you can use an adorable cartoon character? With Hangouts, need to use words. Seriously, there are enough available Emoji here to represent a human experience.

To access this vast library Emoji, just press the smiley face in the lower left corner of your chat input box to reveal a window pop- up. In the upper part you will see various sets of emoticons, sometimes animated.

Then just click on any emoji, and it will be added to the conversation. Once he was placed in the conversation, you can even jot this emoticon – just hover your mouse over the Emoji to bring up the pencil icon in the corner and then click it to edit the image.

Unfortunately, Hangouts can not use multiple Emoji on one line. So for now, it is impossible to make complex sentences Emoji ..!

3) As nice a picture (or Gif)

You can also add images directly into your Hangouts conversations from a variety of sources. Just click the little picture of a mountain in the lower right corner. This will open a pop-up window with a number of top options tabs. Here’s a quick description of the possibilities:

I) “Add Photos” is where you can search a file from your computer to download or drag.

II) “Auto Backup” means the photos you authorize Google to be taken automatically from your Android device.

III) “Photos” means the documents uploaded into Google Photos, unlimited new service from Google.

IV) “Albums” are images organized from various locations, including past cats with specific individuals.

V) “video search” allows you to search for links to YouTube videos (not the actual videos, mind you, forever and a link.

VI) “Webcam” allows you to take still images from your webcam to send.

And of course, you can scribble on top of one of these images as detailed above.

4) Video Chat

You see this little camera icon in the top left corner? You can click it to open a video chat window. In the new pop-up screen, you’ll be able to click on a link in the upper right corner and add new people to your video chat. Also, if you hover your mouse on the left side of the screen you will see a bunch of other cool tools like “Google Effects”, which allow you to add fun events on a live video stream. Note: You will need to download a free plug-in for your browser Hangouts to access a video conversation.

5) Call a phone

Hangouts allow you to make phone calls from your browser or app to call almost all the world’s numbers (with some restrictions). Most calls within the United States or Canada are completely free, but you have the option to set up a call credit and pay for international calls.

To make a call, simply click on the above phone icon in your chat window (if you’re an Android user, you will already have access to the Hangout friends phone numbers stored on your phone).

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