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Creating an Online Store with WordPress In 2016

Creating an Online Store with WordPress In 2016

Create a Free Online Store with WordPress is simple but requires knowledge of a number of basic steps that will explain in this tutorial step by step.

WordPress is a tool that works with plug-ins, and most of them are free. This applies to WooCommerce, a free plug-in that allows you to set up a shop for free and sell products online. It is simple, in fact, it is much easier than other platforms. Although you’ve never created an online store, with this guide you can do in a short time.

1. Install the free plug-in WooCommerce

On your desktop WordPress, go to Plug-ins> Add New and type in the search WooCommerce. Then click on Install Now on the first result that comes to you. Then click Enable plug-in.

You’re running the WooCommerce plug-in to start creating an online store. Then you will get an online wizard that will guide you in the basic configuration:

First and most importantly, install the essential store pages. They are Shop, Shopping, Checkout and My Account. To do this, click Continue.

On the next screen, tap set up a number of issues related to the location of the store. Define the location of the shop, currency separator for prices, decimals and measurement units for products. When you have entered all this information (some can leave them as they are) click Continue.

Then define if you send physical products to customers and the cost of national and international shipping if you are selling outside your country. Also, you can decide on the application of sales tax, so that the products of the store and show the final price with taxes included or they added later in the process. Once you’ve set this part, dale clicks on Continue.

The next interface will you define the payment methods that can then configure further within WooCommerce settings. If you’re going to accept payment via PayPal, enter the email address from your PayPal business account. Continue to click Continue.

2. Set Depth Settings

To fully configure your shop you must go to your Desktop WordPress and within it to WooCommerce> Settings. In Settings, there are several sections where you can configure all essential aspects of your online store. Let’s see them one by one:

2.1 General

In this option you have to put your location, the currency you want, how you want decimals and thousands, if you’re going to limit sales to certain countries. The rest leave it as is. In the next picture, you frame most importantly, the other leave it as is.

2.2 Products

In this tab only select the page you have chosen to put the store. If you have not created sees and creates a page, and that’s the name you must choose. The rest of the options can be left as they are.

2.3 Taxes

In this step, you put as I indicated in the picture. The rest leave it as is. I advise always put the price and VAT, not to confuse the user.

2.4 Checkout

In this section, you can choose and configure the different payment methods you will enable your store. Also, you can enable the use of coupons and even define a page of terms and conditions for the payment form.

At the bottom, you have different payment methods. By clicking on each of them you can go to activate and configure.

It is best to PayPal, Bank Transfer, and POS. But you’ve just started, I suggest you choose PayPal and bank transfer as the POS is worth money, and while you do not get sales, you set an unnecessary expense.

2.5 Shipping

In this section, you can configure the different shipping methods and costs. You can also enable the shipping calculator for the user to calculate the cost of your order, and set the selector shipping methods either buttons or pull-down format. At the bottom, the different shipping methods are defined.

Many e-commerce enabled free shipping, then to allow this, on this tab you select the “options Free Shipping “. Once inside, the important thing is that you choose a minimum requirement that must be met before the shipment is free of charge and the minimum amount, if any. Free shipping Sometimes you have to restrict it to a particular country.

2.6 Accounts

In this section, you can configure the way in which users create their own customers in the store. If you check Enable logging to the “Cashier” page, users will be allowed the opportunity to register at the end of the process, right on the Checkout page. Thus, you let them go adding products to the cart and only then ask them to log data.

2.7 E-mails

Enter your email it is very important it is configured correctly. The other tabs and options, if you do not control much, leave everything as it is configured.

With this, you have your WooCommerce active and ready to use. To see the store and cart, select the “Visit Site” option.

3. Create All Products Store

 Once you have fully configured the settings, now you are to enlist the products that you are selling in your shop.

To do this, First you have to click on WordPress Desktop then on Products and finally on Add Product. Add the title and description of the product.

4. Design and customize page Shop

On your desk sees WordPress Appearance> Widgets and check out the new widgets available to you when you have installed the plug-in WooCommerce. As you can see, there are new widgets on the left side that you can drag to the various areas around the area on the right. There are templates that allow only one sidebar for all pages and other, more advanced, having an area of specific widgets store.

There will be a list of widgets that includes the installation of WooCommerce

5. Meet WooCommerce, And Get Used To Using It

After having launched the online store in your daily you’re seeing reports and orders.

5.1 Report

In this option you will see the statistics of the online store, it is very important that you analyze to improve day by day.

5.2 Orders

In this section, you will come to all orders.

To achieve success in your online store, along with the correct settings WooCommerce, there are several things you should keep in mind that can help you improve your strategies to sell online.

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