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Digital Marketing Trends for Online Business Owner should know it !!!

Digital Marketing Trends for Online Business Owner should know it !!!

Things are gearing up for the better in 2016 with respect to digital marketing and we are aware also of several social media introductions such as the Facebook Messenger launch. This among st others will help improve the scale ability and outcomes of business objectives for online business owners.
Currently, Facebook is testing out new modalities for their private search engine functionality as this will result in more robust search capabilities within social media for businesses. This will augment business and brand visibility with these new search capabilities.
Businesses will be able to easily interact with their consumers and clients through the new Facebook’s Messenger app and in return – customers would be able to purchase goods and services online via the app, get order reports thru instant messaging, communicate to their friends of purchases and then share their purchase inventory, all without having to visit the e-commerce site they intend to buy from.
So with this new trend, every online business and marketer must brace up to embrace this cutting edge innovative digital trend. It is a very clear and open opportunity that should not be relegated to the back burner.
Another social media you can’t ignore in 2016 is the not so popular SNAPCHAT. Few businesses and marketers have utilized the medium and there is more to its offering for business owners this 2016 and beyond.
Snapchat is actually a video or image messaging app that permits end-users to take pictures, make videos, creatively add text to images and then send any of these to one or more of their contacts. It allows you create unified marketing campaigns that offer special content to those within younger age brackets. With snapchat platform, you can easily create campaigns for imminent products/services either with photos or videos that only occur for few seconds. This trend helps fashion out exclusivity for your campaigns, which end-users would surely love.
Also you have to look more in the direction of video marketing and you can best achieve this with live video streaming. This provides consumers the platform to better stay engaged and also become a part of the brand experience. You can achieve this with either Marketeer or periscope as these are 2 apps that provide such opportunity to live stream videos from your mobile device and then share it with your audience.
Get ready also for Instagram ads opportunities as it will be available to all advertisers in 2016.
Every business must take hold of the aforementioned digital trends and utilize them to the best of advantage to pull in more clients and consumers and then lure them towards your products, services and general offers.

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