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How to have fun with the new i Message in iOS 10?

How to have fun with the new i Message in iOS 10?

Here’s our guide on how to use the new iMessage application for the iPhone and iPad on iOS 10. For our complete guide to iOS 10, go here.

iMessage, Apple’s default messaging application, the green with the bubble named “Messages” on your home screen – has lots of new updates on iOS 10.

Many of the new features are accessed by interacting with commands directly above the keyboard in the messaging application. It allows you to share Apple Music music, send stickers and games, send drawings and even send the favorite communication method of all: animated GIF. But keep in mind, if you want your recipients to see the new features, they require having iOS 10 download and Installed on our iPhone or iPad.

Link Views

Now, each time you paste a link to an article in iMessage, it will display a preview picture and the given name of a basic website. Even more remarkable: If you send a friend a YouTube clip or other video link, you can view it directly in iMessage, without redirecting you to Safari or the YouTube app.

You can distribute links from everywhere on the Internet to your iMessage recipient by going to trip by touching the top of the address bar and hold down the web address to open the “Copy” option. Return to iMessage and paste the address. Or, look for the small box with the arrow that comes out of it, and touch to extract the Sharing Sheet, and press “Message” from there.

Draw directly in iMessage

But you have iMessage open and have already downloaded iOS 10, later than you turn your iPhone or iPad to one side, it will show a new option (a drawing keyboard!)

How to play games inside iMessage

Now you can play iMessage on iOS 10

If you hit the App Store button (which is highlighted in blue in this image), you can find games that can be played in the iMessage itself.

Inviting People to Play in iMessage for iOS 10

Once you have download an iMessage game from  App Store, you can tap inside iMessage to open it. Then the game will ask you to send an invitation to whoever is sending messages, asking them to play with you.

How to send reactions

Hold down message to respond to it. Apple gives you a list of six dissimilar reactions: (a heart, a thumb up, a thumb down, a laugh “Ha Ha”), a pair of exclamation points and a question mark.

Here’s how to send stickers

Stickers are the latest edition that Apple teases you can download packages of stickers (some for free, similar to the PBS kids and Mario set seen above) from the App Store, and they will automatically synchronize in your messages. Touch the button that has the logo of the App Store and you can see everything you have downloaded through the navigation panel.

Use your heart to send “Digital Touches” on iOS 10

At this time, you can also use great called Digital Touch to send easy animations to your friends, these drawings disappear after 2 minutes. You can access these by clicking  the button that looks like a heart with 2 fingers on it, and then you can draw it.


The final, most of the addition aboard iMessage comes form of transfer animations. By hold down the blue arrow, you send messages with different special effects that modify the method of your message appears or shows background effects in the chat. It is important to note that these do not work on any of the iPhone 5.

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