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Hidden Features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Hidden Features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Google , the American multinational technology giant is ready with another big Android update. This new update called the Marshmallow managed to hit 7.5% of share, up from 4.6% recently.

On the surface, it might seem a lot like Android 5.0 Lollipop but give it some more time and voila! You will encounter a never before seen user interface that lets you navigate through your device quickly , saving time and effort thereby providing overall better user experience than any other android versions out so far.

Below are some tips and tricks to get the better of your operating system.

Ok Google

Google has enhanced the Google Now Assistant and made it way more useful and dynamic.

As long as you are on the home screen you can easily enchant ‘Ok, Google’ to start Google Now’s voice commands. Pretty easy and time-saving.

Google Now On Tap

By holding the “Home” button or using a voice command, on-screen cards are generated which display information, suggestions, and actions related to the content that is being displayed on the screen right now. For example, it can provide you links regarding the director or movie times if you’re reading a movie review or it might bring up the information related to the artist you are listening to on Spotify.

More Customization

You can edit your notifications panel and user info on the lock screen simply by tapping into the settings.

To edit the notification panel-Just drop down the notifications panel – hold the little cog until it starts spinning and a little message pops up – click on settings – go to system UI tuner and change it as per your needs.


Doze is the latest feature that has been introduced by google in their Marshmallow UI Update.It is designed to recognize when your phone is idle and puts it to sleep for a limited period of time.You can also disable this feature for some apps , go to Settings – Battery – Tap the three dots on the top right corner – Battery Optimization – Tap the downward pointing arrow – Tap All Apps. You will now get an option to check the apps that you want Doze to ignore.

Google Translate

Now you can use this most overlooked feature in marshmallow even when you are using other apps. Just Select text and translate from the popup and save your precious time.

Profile Feature

Now you can limit the content that is being seen by others that may get their hands on your device.You might not want your parents or that sibling of yours that keeps opening your sensitive documents just by mistake.Marshmallow takes care of that too by offering to restrict the information stored in the device. Or better, it allows us to create a guest profile for them.

To create a restricted profile, tap Settings – Users – Restricted profile.

You can also just create a guest profile, tap Settings – Users – Create Guest Profile.

Developer Options

Would you like to control your device the way a developer does?You do this by going to Settings > About Phone and tapping seven times on the Build Number entry.

More Storage Options

Now you can use your micro sd card as an internal storage if your device allows the usage of external storage.To do this Go to Settings – Storage & USB. Go right to the bottom and you’ll see SD card details with the option to format and use as internal storage.

Uninstall Applications Easily

Google has introduced a feature that the android users have been longing for, consciously or not, since a long time. Now you can easily uninstall apps from the home screen without tapping into the settings.

Unlock The Easter-egg

Google has always been famous for teasing easter eggs in every of its UI in recent times.Remember flappy birds? Well, the guys at google have devoted serious effort to develop this year’s refresh of Lollipop’s ridiculously tricky Flappy Bird-style game. To navigate through it Tap Settings > About device and you are good to go.

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