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Hidden tricks of Tweetbot twitter client for iPhone

Hidden tricks of Tweetbot twitter client for iPhone

The app Tweetbot that exists now for a few years is recognized as one of the best Twitter clients currently available on the App Store. They just released a new version with lots of new iOS 9 in particular.

Since the beginning of the app, the developers have added many tricks that make it more enjoyable everyday use. But they are not necessarily obvious to discover for yourself. So here are that will help save time and efforts:

Mark all as read private messages

Press twice quickly on the letter icon to mark all private messages read.

Quickly change theme

Drag two fingers on the screen up or down to switch from white to black theme topic (useful at night), or vice versa.

Customize Buttons

Keep your finger on one of the two icons at the bottom right to customize these buttons have other functions and screens for direct access.

Quick Sharing a tweet

Hold your finger on a tweet to directly access the sharing menu.

To reply to a tweet or Bookmark quickly

Drag a tweet to the right (longer or shorter) with your finger to mark a tweet as a favorite or reply quickly. Note that it is possible to change the action “Bookmark” to “retweet” in the settings of the app.

Change account while writing a tweet

For those who manage multiple twitter identities in the app, press the avatar in the view of writing a tweet can change the account to avoid having to retype fully the tweet.

Quickly write a tweet starting with the final draft

Keep your finger on the tweet writing icon to automatically start with the last saved draft.

Quickly access profile options

Keep your finger on the avatar of a person followed to quickly access the profile options as the hide tweets, private message, etc.

Change the order of accounts

Press photo top left profile to access the Twitter account management page, then hold your finger on an account for the move through the list.

Change account rapidly

Keep your finger on the profile photo and slide your finger on the account on which you want to switch. It is also possible to change the account by dragging the screen’s top bar to the left.

Here are some features you can use directly on twitter website and mobile app.

Twitter lists

Twitter lists are user-defined groups of Twitter users. Any Twitter user can create their own lists or follow other lists. So, lists on Twitter are a good way to create a thematic timeline. Is one example of SEO topics interesting, can be a list of SEO Twitterati create. If this SEO called lists timeline, only the tweets of users are displayed on the list. In addition, Twitter lists are a nice service for other Twitter users. You can then follow the created Twitter list, without having to follow each user listed therein.

So a list is created: go top right profile and select the menu item lists.

On the right side of this box appears:

Select Create New List and then define a name and description for the list. Tip: The name can not start with a number and be no longer than 25 characters.

Now select the privacy settings. A list can be public, that is visible to everyone, or private. Users can be added to a list by Add to list or remove in the user profile when the function is selected gear.

Twitter Advanced Search

With a normal search on Twitter, many Twitterati quickly reaches their limits. Good to know: Under https://twitter.com/search-advanced searches can be created very detailed and user-defined.

Download your own timeline as an archive

Who, for some reason always want to download, in a file his recent Twitter activity that can do this. Under profile select Settings and then Request Your Archives button.

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