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How to increase internet speed  on android

How to increase internet speed on android

You want to load a web page, or simply install an application on your mobile, and that charging no end? It is probably necessary to optimize your Internet connection.

Increase flow of their smartphone or tablet, it’s possible. Here I will give you some tips to load web pages faster and download files faster.

First, and this is probably the most important, you need to optimize your data stream . Your smartphone or tablet is connected permanently unnecessary services. Calendar, Contacts, Gmail, Google+, PlayMusic, etc. You can disable synchronization of the partial, temporary or complete way by going to Settings / Accounts , and then in google , press the account to edit, you can uncheck services to desynchronize to increase your bandwidth.

 Android applications to accelerate and improve internet speed :

 InternetBooster & Optimizer

internet Booster & Optimizer is a tool that has a series of command to create navigating with the browser precedence over further applications that use the Internet, she paused all other applications that work with the internet and cleans your RAM smartphone to ensure proper operation and speed of the connection.

2X Faster the Internet

This application allows you to have a type of 3G internet speed and 4G multiplied by 2, 2X Faster Internet is created with a somewhat special programming script that can increase the connection speed 2 times faster than the available connection and if you told me how they do it? Then I do not know.

Note: This application works in both cases (Root and Non-Root)

 Internet Speed Booster

Internet Speed Booster is a handy and easy to use application with its minimalist design, it features a unique algorithm that allows you to have a fast connection on your Android with a single click.

Note: You can use this application properly in both cases Root and non-root.

Internet Booster (Root)

This application uses different methods to increase internet speed on your smartphone but, Internet Booster (Root) works properly only with Rootes devices and to use this application you must make your Android mode (Root) with the application Super User

Internet Speed Booster 3G / 4G

This application allows you to load Web pages and videos on Youtube with a speed equivalent to 3G / 4G speed. It may be up to 30% and 40% increase according to the amplitude of the signal on your device.

This application works both ways Root and Non-Root.

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