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Now upload multiple photos and videos in a single post on Instagram

Late is better than never. From now on, Instagram allows you to combine up to 10 photos and videos in a publication. This new feature, which had leaked a few weeks ago, will start gradually enabled both iOS and Android.

So far, the social network only allowed to share a picture or clip by post, but now that has changed. As in Facebook where you can put together a photo album, now can upload up to ten media in the same publication It is an advantage that could already be seen in commercials, where it is possible to upload several pictures or videos at once. In this post thoroughly we analyze its operation to learn the advantages of this excellent update.

As we can see in the image display it is very simple: by the gray dots and blue that are below the photo can drag your finger sideways to meet the various publications. No longer we have the need to choose the best picture of our sessions to avoid collapse our profile because from now on Instagram allow us to make up to ten simultaneous uploads. Needless to say, each album appears in our profile as a single publication. Moreover, this does not work only with photographs, but can also include videos on our album. Unlike Instagram Stories, which disappear within 24 hours, this function is permanent.

To change the display order, so you only need to drag the photo or video to the desired position. We must also select one of them as the album cover, which appears first of all.

This new feature of Instagram introduces novelties also in editing because we can change the filters of images together, applying effects to all the contents of our post at a time.

Using this new feature step by step:

1. There click the load button as usual and select the new icon to upload multiple photos and videos.

2. Edit the publication using filters, stickers, and bookmarks.

3. Keep selected image or video to change the order or delete an item if so desired.

4. The captions and location tags apply to the entire publication and the “likes” and comments.

5. You can tag friends in photos or videos individually.

6. When you have a publication of this type in the timeline appears with blue dots on the bottom. You can slide forward and back to see the entire message.

The update 10.9 of Instagram is now available for both devices iOS and Android .

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