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SEO White Hat Strategies that get you Number one Ranking

SEO White Hat Strategies that get you Number one Ranking

The game of SEO, content writing and marketing has drastically changed and it now only favors those that are actually proactive at the game.

It is better if a person produces SEO contents and then proactively employs strategies to promote such – than passively just waiting for such content to hit the peak as may be hoped for.

The following are simple white hat SEO strategies to help you rank so high that you need to consider upgrading your bandwidth – when done rightly.

  1. You need to first research and get awesome keywords relating to your niche. Don’t restrict yourself to just one keyword phrase idea, but expand out on the possible variations. For instance if you target folks with the keywords “office healthy meals”, you may spice up the content further by adding another such as “employee wellness meals”. Now these two variations look great but you never can tell which will rank you on the number one spot of Google. Thus, ensure to add several keyword variations as much as possible but avoid over stuffing. The following keyword planners will help you with the right keyword phrases and those of which are relevant to boost your business. MetaGlossary.com, FaqFox.com which recognizes basic inquiries that your target audience asks online, and Udemy with its load of courses which nails you up with a bunch of powerful keyword options.
  2. Next is to search online for Content that is already ranking for your newly found Keywords. The idea is to model such content and make yours better. Where others lack, you may spice up your article to be really engaging and visually appealing with videos, images, charts and screenshots. Be aware that any content with at least one image has the potential of generating an average of 39% more social shares than just plain text-based content. Make the content super rich and exciting since your target here is human readers and not some robots. Don’t just write content for the sake of writing, but rather create a masterpiece content that deserves to be read. Your focus is to create a content that deserves to rank as number one on the search engines.
  3. Lastly – learn to promote your content. You have to search out ways to creatively promote your classical content. Great content makes link building easier but you can make it really bigger by proactively promoting them. You can solicit for free social media shares or email other experts in your niche of your new content. Be careful not to ask them to link to you at such stage as some may see it as spam. The idea is that you show that you acknowledge their content and services and you are glad to share something classically written and related to their industry as well. If you email 100 of such folks in such subtle and genuine manner, a vast majority of them would naturally share your content to their fans and readers as well. Once that is achieved, the authority backlinks you will get in due course will serve you massive organic traffic for the lifespan of your website. And then you would have attained the number one spot on Google!

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