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Surge S1: the first Xiaomi Mobile processor

Xiaomi officially presented Surge S1, the first processor for mobile devices, which will implement the new Xiaomi Mi5C.

We had been many months listening to rumors that Xiaomi wanted to take a step forward in its evolution as a manufacturer of mobile devices. But a much greater than we would expect in a brand of this sizing step.

The Chinese company wanted to make its own SoC (System on a Chip) to not depend on third processors or companies like Qualcomm Mediatel are those that endowed of these components to the signing of Lei Jun.

Pinecone renamed Surge S1

The nomenclature is the first surprise since we assumed that Pinecone could be the brand name and not only internal but has not.

Surge is the name of the new processors and S1 is the first, indicating that in the future there will be more, which makes sense otherwise.

Xiaomi features the ability to do something like that in just over two years. As they explained, in particular, have been 28 months that have needed to move the primary processor design to production and implementation in real devices.

The important thing S1 Surge

Processors are many, not only in phones but not all focus on the same aspects. The Surge S1 will give priority to two things: speed of production and a very good power/energy consumption.

They are about what Xiaomi know first large-scale production is a problem sometimes. Even relying on other manufacturers can lead to situations like that is living now with his new LG LG G6 will not have the best chip of Qualcomm presumably by interference from Samsung that is who physically manufactured.

Also, keep the energy consumption of this type of processors, rather than on devices such as televisions or desktop is not relevant but in smartphones is crucial in mind. And of course, that can not compromise on power. So in Xiaomi have focused on both things at once, achieve good consumption without power is insufficient.

The power within the chip

Xiaomi creation has gone hand in hand with what the market demands. SURGE S1 is an eight-core processor in a configuration eight cores in two groups of four.

The first group consists of four processors Cortex A-53 1.8 GHz focused on the most common and basic tasks and the second group, consisting of other four – processor Cortex A-53 2.2 GHz to perform the most demanding tasks.

The architecture of the building is 28 nm which along with the type of Cortex used, the clock frequency and more aspects show us that what Xiaomi has created is a focused midrange processor.

A known GPU

For the graphics in Xiaomi have chosen to use a Mali T-860 GPU, a component that has been seen in other processors such as those created Mediatek.

Emphasize in this regard the support of Vulkan standard, used in some of the more graphic quality games on Android devices.

The sound is also important

The sound recording is increasingly common part of our life, whether by the use of messaging applications where we recorded notes or the use of videos, which extract the sound of these microphones we used to talk on the phone.

The Surge S1 will support two microphones and may apply removing ambient noise and have a 32-bit DSP for best sound quality possible.

Photography as a key element

Although when we value a mobile cameras look the sensor, the lens and perhaps little else is important to note that the image processing is very relevant. This is done with the software for each brand but the processor, or ISP, he is running it.

The Surge S1 has a 14-bit dual ISP and has algorithms that improve the sensitivity of the camera to light up 150%.

Benchmarks Surge S1

Xiaomi has seen fit to publish benchmark test of its new processor while idóneaas be made in conditions so until we can prove just as we do with other phones do not know if they give more or less score.

Even so that the company has compared to chips like Helio P20 or Snapdragon 625 gives us an idea of where you want to position this SoC Xiaomi.

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