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The prediction of SEO today and forthcoming

The prediction of SEO today and forthcoming

This article reveals some of the SEO predictions made by SEO experts and these will help you stay well-versed in SEO matters for your business and online presence.

SEO Prediction 1
It has been predicted that Mobile will completely take over desktop in 2016 and this translates to more voice searches and other smart assistants.
In SEO terminologies the phrase “no search” future means user engagement methodologies that comprise proxies like smart assistants. For instance, this may mean ensuring your content is favored by Facebook’s virtual assistant, so it’s the match submitted by the smart assistant. Thus more mobile voice search will take us to the ‘no search’ future.

SEO Prediction 2
As SEO is becoming more and more competitive to conquer even with new technologies and platforms, it can never be completely substituted with storytelling, content marketing or some other trend, meaning that access to experts in social media, paid search and outreach amongst others will be paramount. Folks would have to realize that though SEO makes huge use of data, the ultimate best SEO is that which in part, is also instinctive, just as a good headline writer is.
There will be more of SERPS collaboration as well as more answers shown within results as Google carries on expanding their Knowledge Vault.

SEO Prediction 3
Also more marketers will be utilizing more of split-testing for SEO drives as ranking features continue to diversify.

SEO Prediction 4
Google’s Penguin algorithm will possibly also make a fair amount of babble in 2016, thus SEO experts and content marketers should brace up for this! Penguin algorithm check and implementation won’t be passive as it used to be but would become ‘real-time’.

Lastly, one thing for sure is that Google is going to improve the quality of the SERPS thru various updates, whether by algorithms, infrastructure or otherwise.

And as the search engines continue to satisfy the core creeds of trust, authority, significance and quality, the SERPS will become friendlier, and a more supportive place.

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