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Top Content Marketing Trends That Will Take over you

Top Content Marketing Trends That Will Take over you

Content marketing is something online marketers can never do without as it produces some of the best results when contrasted with other forms of business marketing online.

With content marketing in the current era, it goes beyond producing some of the highest amounts of written content and has actually evolved into a marketing strategy where your connections and capacity to connect with an audience across manifold mediums all help define your success and Return on Investment.

Content marketing can best profit your business if you keep to the following guideline. The trend will experience critical changes this year and if you want to be on top of the game and above competition, you’ll have to do it rightly.

  • In 2016 – there will be more of ways to simplify content writing. For instance – advanced software will be able to collate bits of data from millions of various social profiles and then put them up together to form an intelligible article. For instance, one of Twitter’s current Project Lightning feature will be able to collect images, videos, and other posts from end-users to produce content and news as they unfold.
  • Social media will provide distinct publishing options. With Facebook the trend had already begun with its introduction of “Instant Articles.” Fundamentally, FB recognized that articles shared on its platform were more often receiving better exposure, visibility and more hits than the articles on their publishing channels. With a goal to set things rightly, Instant Articles was launched to offer publishers an alternative option and to publish the articles instantly on FB platform. This innovation has sparked up already and Google is looking at launching its own version as well.
  • Content will be more of visual mediums. Since written content has been over saturated in the marketplace, users will be more willing to get on with visual contents in this new era. This is because users are becoming more and more impatient, demanding for faster and more on the spot forms of communication. Thus this trend will lead to a much higher request for videos and other visual forms of content.

So embrace the CHANGE and go with the flow – to your success!

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