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Top new attribute of Social Media huge FACEBOOK

Top new attribute of Social Media huge FACEBOOK

Report coming from F8 developers conference happening right now on 12 & 13th april 2016.

Facebook ought to create its future plans a lot of clear at F8. Here’s what to expect from the conference.


Chat Bots

Messenger bots aren’t new — assume Smarter Child, from the AIM days. however Facebook and alternative corporations area unit dissipated they’ll see an enormous renaissance because of improved AI and alternative factors. The firm is predicted to announce new tools which will facilitate businesses produce their own “chatbots” for Facebook traveler, that might handle client service queries, method transactions or facilitate with selling campaigns.

Chatbots area unit already alive and well on traveler playing a range of tasks. movie maker designed a Miss Piggy larva that chats with fans of her Facebook Page so as to market ABC’s Muppets show. Uber’s larva helps users hail rides from at intervals Facebook’s app. And KLM Royal Dutch Airlines simply launched the primary airline larva.

Facebook’s hope is that chatbots can keep a lot of users affixed to its app, wherever it will exploit their attention. The firm won’t create cash from bots directly. however if they set out, Facebook might begin taking a slice of alternative companies’ transactions on the platform. that might facilitate Facebook finally legitimise e-commerce, that it’s for the most part didn’t do. For traveler bots to succeed, Facebook can ought to persuade users it’s easier to speak with a mechanism than open up another app.


Live Video

Again, on-line live-streaming isn’t a brand new innovation. however Facebook’s large scale is transportation new life to the format via Live, the company’s new instant broadcasting feature. Facebook unleashed a torrent of Live updates last week, together with a world map showing livestreams as they’re happening and a video portal that creates it easier for individuals to search out Live videos once they’ve disappeared from the News Feed.

Currently, Facebook’s Live videos will solely be shot employing a smartphone. Facebook might announce the power to shoot exploitation higher-quality cameras at F8, consistent with rearrange. that might facilitate the corporate lure a lot of media firms, particularly from the planet of tv, to commit important resources to measure. Already some uncommon videos have managed to draw in massive audiences. A BuzzFeed stream of a watermelon exploding struggling from rubber bands gained 800,000 live viewers.


Virtual Reality

Facebook-owned eye VR simply free its Rift video game telephone receiver, thus it’s probably Facebook are crowing concerning VR’s potential to alter the approach we have a tendency to communicate. F8’s schedule includes multiple sessions dedicated to optimizing optimizing 360-degree video for the Rift, thus it’s attainable Facebook can sneak in associate announcement or 2 associated with the format.


This blog courtesy & reported by time.com

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