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Top Plug-Ins to Install On WordPress

Top Plug-Ins to Install On WordPress

There is a huge collection of WordPress plug-ins on the net, but it shows that many of them do not respond to personal experience that recommends, but repeat what has been said in other collections without providing actual experience if any implemented in real projects. So I’ll try this guide really help you get better your website:

1. Yoast SEO

Without any doubt, the best plug-in manage and optimize the SEO positioning. Deep and comprehensive, covering almost any issue related to the SEO positioning for WordPress, and allows you to integrate into a single application a number of features that other I so would have to implement several plug-ins installed separately, which unnecessarily increases the load time of your site. Yoast is the crown jewel of Dutch developer Joost De Valk of, and allows, among other things, automatically generate XML sitemap and robots.txt files that will improve our SEO, edit titles and descriptions of all your pages and posts, clean duplicate content, de-index pages permalinks or establish permanent links, breadcrumb menus, RSS Feed, clean up the contents of your label Head for faster loading site, etc.

2.Google Analytics for WordPress

The best way, or, at least, easier, to have built an excellent tool Google Analytics on your website, without touching code. Install the plug-in, enter your Analytics ID in the required field and you’re done working. If you are someone who is not afraid to touch the code editor, probably this plug-in just come to unnecessarily carry the weight of your site, but be careful, we have to bear in mind that not everyone has knowledge of code or security edit it.


The outcome of Jetpack is pleasantly surprised. Its functionalities are very extensive, as it somehow is a plug-in with many plug-in insides; he does everything and almost everything right. I use it mainly to improve social sharing options. Attaches buttons to a number of social networks, print page, send email post to another user, etc.

4.W3 Total Cache

It is the one of the most popular plug-ins that exist to WordPress. This plug-in caches information from your hosted site in your database and allows faster loading provide a better and smoother response from the server. Besides the database you can store your HTML, CSS and JavaScript files cached. Thus optimizing the performance of your site and thus improve the user experience and, importantly, the valuation of Google positioning face. Its efficiency can be up to 60% in some cases.


Smush.it is very helpful in reducing the weight of all the images on our website application. It is very simple to use, and that is one of its great advantages. Once installed and activated, it is responsible for automatically process all images and let’s optimized for use on your site. In some cases, achieves a weight reduction of up to 50%, especially in large images.


The best plug-in to translate Web pages WordPress to almost any language and also with many configuration options that make it a powerful tool, as well as allows to translate pages, menus, templates, etc. It has a very intuitive operation. Once you install it, you’ll see an option appears in all your content to add a version of the content in the language you have set, and also allows you to duplicate the content and then translate it into the replicated structure. It also lets you configure it to display the page automatically in the browser language.


It is the one of the best plug-ins for creating and designing sliders with WordPress in a professional manner. Quite similar to Revolution Slider in quality, the LayerSlider plugin is maybe a little less intuitive as to use but certainly very powerful when it comes to their almost endless possibilities of configuration and customization options, styles of transitions, etc. Although a few years ago I used Revolution Slider, LayerSlider I moved to because it gives you more freedom to create and design your sliders and it is much safer than the previous one since Revolution Slider shows some safety deficiencies in the code.

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