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How to Use Google Maps Without The Internet

How to Use Google Maps Without The Internet

Google Maps is now one of the best GPS applications available on Android, and above all has the advantage of being integrated natively on all Android smartphones certified by Google. His cards are still available only online, and it is necessary to perform a small manipulation before it can be used offline.

The Mountain View company introduced the option “Offline browsing” option to download maps to find his way even without a connection. It is a practice that can be interesting for those who plan a trip to a foreign country and who are afraid of not having Wi-Fi connection at hand. No need then call your service provider to subscribe to international data, here’s how to download the maps of a given area.

Download area for offline use

First, we must open the Maps app, which normally comes installed by default on the device. For this step,  if you have to have an Internet connection and also you must be logged properly with your Google account.

Once we have done this, we go to the search bar at the top and look for the area we want to be saved for later use offline. It may take a while to show results, as this depends on your connection speed.

When you have located the desired area, we touch the bottom with the name of the area so that we display more information about it. We’ll see three different options: Save Share and Download. The option that interests us is to download, so you must click on the icon of it and start downloading.

After the download, we will have that stored in the phone memory area and we can use it offline, as we would do normally. Also, say that by doing this the battery consumption is reduced, i.e. the device’s battery will last more.

Usage tips

Warning, these maps are large. Beware, therefore, if your phone does not have a lot of storage space. For reference, record the London area for offline use is approximately 400 MB

To easily manage your maps available offline, Google will ask for a name that defines the area in question during recording. Automatically, the name will be defined by the Focus City.

Extra tip: rather than going to the options, it is possible to directly access the screen Zones offline returning “OK Maps” in the search box of Google Maps, or download a particular area by pointing an address and press the button “Download” from the menu that pops up at this point.

And a registered card can be used for offline browsing for a period of 29 days. By going in the section Zones offline or in your address, you can leisurely manage your downloaded maps, delete or update.

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