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Websites you should visit when you’re feeling bored

Websites you should visit when you’re feeling bored

Today, we are all using many websites every day and sometimes with these websites for many times in a day, we feel bored and want some interesting things on the Internet. As we are all using social websites these days. It is certainly quite interesting, but repeating the same work for a long time the human mind feels tired.

At that time everyone wants some interesting things to see or do so in this article you will get to know some very weirdest, coolest, craziest, fun and interesting websites that make you feel fresh.

 Have you ever thought that the things that these Internet users are doing in a single second? Know that you can spy every second through this website. Everything you need to do is open any of the websites listed below and start clicking down arrow to find out every second on the internet.

Check it on – Internet live stats or one second

9 Eyes

We all love seeing places on Google Maps, but we cannot always see some incredible captures in it unless someone tells us. So here 9 eyes have all the funny and hilarious images captured from Google Street View and these are enough to tickle you.

Visit from here – 9 Eyes

What happened in my year of birth?

I am proud to have been born in 1995 because there are so many amazing and historical things that happened this year and I am sure you will also feel proud after knowing those good things that happen in your year of birth. We always love to be familiar with what was special happened in our year of birth, but we did not always look for all these things on the internet. So here is the website where you can go deep into your year of birth. Just go and write your year of birth and read the history of your year of birth.

Visit – What happened in my year of birth

Omegle – Chat with stranger

When your friend is not online you feel very bored and at that time you can try to talk to strangers in Omegle.You can chat and you can make a video call to strangers if you like and end a chat at any time if you do not like .

Visit- Omegle

Rainy mood

We are all nature lovers and, of course, rain is one of the best things we love most. You cannot do rain artificially, but you can enjoy the sound of rain anytime through this amazing site Before you go to the site make sure you are using headphones to enjoy the real sound.

Visit – Rainy mood

The Faces of Facebook

As its name describes it, this website shows Facebook users and their images. Just click on the screen and all faces of Facebook users are shown to you and if you click on any image of the person then you will be redirected to your FB account and you can request and talk to them.

Visit – The Faces of Facebook

Pointer Pointer

This website is really cool.It’s depends on where the mouse pointer points. If you move the mouse pointer in any direction, then according to the position of the pointer, you will be shown the image that is also pointing in the same direction as your pointer. Do not get confused, find out for yourself.

Visit – Pointer Pointer

Clever Bot

This is the smart website where you can talk to an AI with some real intelligence. So if someone is not ready to talk to you, start chatting with a robot that will absolutely precede response to you much earlier and talk to you as others do. So if you are getting bored then you need not worry. Just open the website and talk to this bot.

Visit – Clever Bot

Jacks on Pollock

We have always wanted to play with colors in childhood, but your mom always refuses to do that so this website will help you in creating a work of art with different colors and can fulfill your childhood dream to play with colors. You will love doing that.

Visit – Jacks on Pollock

Sleeping time

I sleep between 1 AM and 9 AM when you sleep. This is another interesting website created by Amit Agrwal from Digital Inspiration. From the web, you get to know about your dream time by simply authorizing your Twitter account with that website.

Visit – Sleeping Time


This website has cartoons that will create music according to your dress up. You can dress them in different styles to create your own beat music that rocks the floor.

Visit – Incredibox


You could be faster at writing, but are you good at reading too? Test your reading skills with this website and compete with your friends. This website will give you the words one by one and you have to read it faster as you can because the word will be changed to a new one in less than 1 second.

Visit – Spreeder

Google Tricks

Google is a search engine, right? Make no mistake, Google is much more and has some incredible tricks inside it. Do not you think? Ok copy these words one by one and look up Google and the words are “Do a roll of the barrel” and “Tilt”.

If you are looking to “do a roll barrel” on Google, then your screen (only the Google display) will rotate 360 degrees and if you search Tilt in Google your search titles will tilt. There are many more tricks are there to have fun with Google.

More Google tricks are here.


This is another amazing website we found today. Everything you need to press the button on the website and the rest of the website thing will do.

You can play magic tricks and more amazing things from the website.

Visit – BoredButton

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