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What  SEO will offers for Online Marketers? in 2016

What SEO will offers for Online Marketers? in 2016

The rules of search engine optimization keep changing though not much significantly but very essential bits to consider if you must stay above competition online. Abiding by SEO rules will help you to maximize your investment in business content online in 2016 and beyond.

Whilst lots of smart-wise online investors are currently working hard to boost their website and business contents – so as to leverage on every investment, the better informed ones are also putting some extra time and effort into understanding & implementing new rules for SEO.

Gone are the times where you could just depend on stuffing your headings with keywords and boom, you hit good traffic online.

Yes, keywords are the central element of SEO but it takes more these days to get the search engines to recognize your keywords and favor them over other countless competition online. This is due to the fact that search engines are getting much smarter these times.

The prospects and direction for SEO in 2016 is centered on businesses to focus on being mobile-friendly as this will upsurge impact by up to 90%. Businesses looking at SEO 2016 should also consider site functions, readability and design structures.

Here are 4 Powerful SEO Guidelines for 2016 that can help you succeed online

  1. Keywords: Adding keywords in headlines may not make much difference as is becoming less important. The search engines have become better in areas of decoding relevance & meaning. Formerly, you could simply rank for a keyword phrase but nowadays it is centered on being more flexible with relevant keywords suitable for the site and its readers. As the search engines are advancing, they now begin to think of other keywords that may be expected in article content. For example, if you are making out an article about Phones, you might have the words ‘Phones,’ ‘iPhone,’ ‘Android,’ ‘mobile’ and ‘apps.’ When these are detected in the content body, it quickly sends signals to the search engines that it must be a real good article. To get the best search engine results that are most likely to make you succeed online, you have to go for 3, 4 or 5 word keyword queries. This is very essential tip for those looking at Content SEO marketing.
  2. You have to concentrate on user experience: It isn’t news anymore that Google makes around 500 or more algorithm changes yearly. With this, it is difficult to trick the SE as it used to be in the past years. Nowadays, the focus is ensuring that when someone searches on Google and they get the right result on the first few pages, this translates to having great online experience. In 2016, you have to ensure that your content is the best possible content online in its niche for the words that you care to target. The bottom-line is that your contents have to be unique and authoritative.
  3. Optimize for mobile as more folks these days read content online on their mobile devices and smartphones. More search results via mobile devices sends signals to the search engines that your site content has some sort of uniqueness, relevance and authority.
  4. Ensure you utilize unique images.

The SEO drive in 2016 – is to focus on your audience!

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