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Why Android is most popular ?

Why Android is most popular ?

Android as an Open Source Platform own by GOOGLE which allowed customization by major mobile company Developer can Developed or Modified Android Application easily compare to other Platform with the support of Goggle Play store which is store Hub of Applications.

Android operating became famous

The Android operating system serve wide range of Audience with one stop solution in The Google Play Store. User can see whole range of Application,Games,E-Books,Movies etc. with of every subject you have its more enough for everyone.

The Price is Cheap

Other Platform offers wide range of facility also quality but its products are expensive compare to Android some of customers who carve for smartphone with low budget price? Defiantly Android One is the best example for budget wise also now Android would be collaborate with all famous Brand like Samsung, Sony, LG, mostly all mobile leaders.

Best Characteristic

Android has a unique characteristic like no other OS has the one of the best technology till rival not bid Android, with the range of Processor, also most famous with the Name of Food and its attract to attention of customers. Sometime its look like funny when we called Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread or Jelly Bean, Kitkat , and recently launch Android LOLLYPOP verson of 5.0 its being name of the Processor Technology, this is the Android create differentiate.

Appropriate Marketing with the search engine

In the marketing scenario Android has brand strategy to present his products, because of the giant search engine GOOGLE that is most beneficial advantage of Android.

Through Google Android play can offer a wide range of facilities. There are over 200,000 apps in the Android market place and over 1.3 billion apps have been downloaded so far. Android smartphones that are able to offer cheap and could be reached by every level of society.


Android is now able to occupy the top position almost parallel to the Apple, and brought the technology that is similar to Apple, Android provide cheaper prices than Apple. With an assortment of amenities and uniqueness able to win the hearts of costumers, of course, with over 200,000 applications on offer ranging from a free or paid is certainly one of the key secrets to make entry into a top leader Android OS used almost every phone brand.

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